Locating information

Find the passages in the text where the following ideas are expressed.

Give the line references.

........... 1. A data processing manager must be informed about recent

developments in the field.

........... 2. Operators need not know how to program.

........... 3. High-level languages are used to write commercial


........... 4. An analyst determines the goals of a project.

........... 5. Because of the introduction of screens, cards are not used

very frequently nowadays.

2 Understanding the passage

Decide whether the following statements are true or false (T/F) by referring to the information in the text. Then make the necessary changes so that the false statements become true.


□ □ 1. The operator's job is Locating information not very creative, but it requires a lot of concentration.

□ □ 2. Well-written programs must be documented in order that they may be used properly.

□ □ 3. It is essential that the computer operator knows how to program.

□ □ 4. A manager must remain composed when problems arise in order to make the right decisions.

□ □ 5. Manufacturers usually sell the machines along with systems programs.

□ □ 6. Although a manager does not need to program, he should be well informed about developments in the field of data processing.

□ □ 7. Operating systems were designed to simplify the operator's job.

□ □ 8. New projects are designated to programmers to analyse Locating information and work on.

□ □ 9. When the computer breaks down, the operator reports the problem to the analyst.

□ □ 10.Thekindofprogramaprogrammerwritesdependson who he is working for.

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